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  • What is included with your mixing service?
    What IS included: Main mix and clean "radio edit": Main mix and clean "radio edit" (if needed) delivered at the same 24bit (original track sample rate) in uncompressed WAV file format. MP3: I also create an MP3 at 16/44.1k for press kits and emailing. Unlike many in the industry, I never hold on to the session files to force you into working with me again if something else is needed in the future. Session file and wet stems: You will be able to download the session file (Logic Pro) and wet stems that can be quickly loaded into any DAW and sound like the final mix without any plugins. 3 revisions: If the mix has any issues that need fixing, 3 revisions—meaning session, not individual tweaks—are included. Mix prep: On the editing side, mix prep is all included. This can range from vocal tuning and de-clicking, to re-timing and drum replacement. Schedule a consultation with me to discuss any other needs for your project. What is NOT included: Vocal comping: While I can do vocal comping, it's usually handled by the producer and/or singer. Re-amping: This is also a sticky subject, because I can do it, but the guitarist or producer knows the exact tone they want. It would be very hard for me to nail exactly what is needed without a lot of back and forth. It's a sound design situation that should be handled at the time of tracking or in the rough mix.
  • How long does it take to mix a single?
    The amount of time depends on many variables. I like to take 2 days when possible. The first day is mix prep: listen, take notes, organize, edit, tune and so on. Then, give my ears some rest and go full-on mix mode the next day. But, depending on the number of tracks, edits and so on, I may be able to get a single song mixed in one day if there is a tight deadline.
  • Why aren't your prices listed on the website?
    Every project is different, therefore I need to know what your project includes. I also prefer to hear your rough mix. Please signup to schedule a meeting. I don't charge hourly or fixed rates. I also don't believe in charging for every little item or a bunch of add-ons. I try to be fair and will always deliver the session files, wet stems and, if needed, alternative versions along with the main mix. Three revisions are included. You will have the ability to annotate the precise locations of changes (tweaks) in the listening/approval website. Learn more here.
  • Do you also offer mastering services?
    No. At this time, I'm focusing only on mixing. I can recommend a few mastering engineers that I've worked with that can finish your music. When I send you a mix to listen to, you will hear a close approximation to what it will sound like mastered. The levels will be as loud as you want and there will be some bus compression that a mastering engineer would add. When you download the final files from me after signing off on the mix, there will be those "preview" (lightly mastered by me) files along with the unmastered final mix that will be sent to the mastering engineer. You can use the preview files any way you want or delete them. They might be useful if you need to send the song out now for a promotion that can't wait for the mastering. But the final master should have that final extra added shine as well as a final quality check.
  • Do you offer Dolby Atmos mixing?
    Yes. PARADOX Music LAB is set up with a 7.1.4 speaker layout for mixing. All projects are mixed in both stereo and Atmos at the same time. This allows greater pricing flexibility which passes savings on to our clients. Even if you only need stereo we will have the Atmos mix mostly ready with no extra charge. We only charge for the Atmos version if you request the ADM file at a later time.
  • Can I sit in on the mix session?
    Unfortunately, my studio is located in my house and therefore I can't have clients over due to city zoning restrictions. However, you can request a Zoom video conference if you like.
  • What if I don't like the mix you make?
    Mixing is an art and subjective in nature. I try to understand the direction you want your music to go right up front, but there may be times were little things need to be "tweaked" to get it just right. I pay close attention to your rough mix (if available) and references. I'm here to make your music sound as good as it can. If you aren't happy with something, just let me know. After the initial mix, you will be able to listen to it on a website where you can write notes at exact spots in the song. I will be notified of your notes, fix and upload a new revision. You will then be able to switch between all versions to hear the differences. Price quotes come with 3 revisions included.
  • How do I send you my music?
    You can send me your multi-tracks via YouSendIt, Google Drive, DropBox, WeTransfer and so on. If the files are just on your computer or hard drive, I can send you a link where you can securely upload the files to my server directly.
  • What files can you work with?
    I accept PCM, .WAV or .AIF file formats. Please don't send me MP3 or any lossy, compressed file types. I also need the multi-tracks, not group stems or already mixed beats. And especially NO mastered tracks that are already compressed and limited. You must have the rights to use any files you send me to mix. No exceptions.
  • What is the difference between stems and multi-tracks?
    Multi-tracks are simply the individual tracks originally recorded. They have no processing, unless they were processed at the time of recording (vocal compression, guitar effects, ect). Stems, on the other hand, have mixing type processing printed into the file. In many cases a group of tracks might be summed together as a group stem, like a drum stem consisting of kick, snare top, snare bottom, hats and so on. Stems are usually requested by record labels from the mix session to be used at a later date for quick rebalancing or remixing without having to go back to the original mix session.
  • Can I send you my DAW project file?
    I work in Logic Pro, and while you could send me a project file, I'd rather you only send the multi-tracks. I do have many plugins, but probably not all the ones you used in your session. Remember, you can always send wet tracks if you love a sound you created. Please also include the dry tracks as well (ie. DI guitar as well as amped).
  • Can you record my vocals?
    Sorry, Paradox Music Lab was purpose built for mixing (and some day mastering). There is no vocal booth or even much room for musicians to perform. I am an accomplished mixer and not trained specifically to be a recording engineer.
  • Do you need a reference song?
    It's always a good idea to send me one or two reference songs in the same genre as your project. That helps me get a better idea for the sonic landscape you're going after. You can even explain what you like about the reference song. More importantly, please send your rough mix. That quickly lets me know some of your creative ideas, like guitar delays or special vocal effects. So many things that can be done to a mix, so it's best to know your direction right up front.
  • Do you offer editing, vocal tuning and drum replacement services?
    YES! I don't believe in charging extra for things that are part of mixing. If you have something specific you would like me to do, i.e. a track needs noise removal, let me know. Otherwise, I will listen and make judgments for what is needed to get the music sounding great.
  • Do you offer a free sample?
    I'm sorry, but I can't work for free. The only way to give you even a 30-second sample would require running the whole mix. I can't just work on part of the song really quick to see if you like it. I believe my pricing is fair. I don't charge an hourly rate, so if the project takes extra time, that's on me. My quote is based on listening to your rough mix or multi-tracks if you don't have a rough. In some cases I may be able to work out a deal that works for both of us. Contact me for a consultation.
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